It is crucial that each child develop communication skills in order to participate in our social world. The Speech-language therapist’s goal is to find fun and interesting ways to help children communicate successfully and learn language independently. The therapist focuses on a variety of areas in order to achieve this goal:

  • Expressive language skills

  • Receptive language skills

  • Speech production/articulation skills

  • Social skills

  • Feeding and Swallowing

  •  Oral motor skills

  •  Disorders of voice

  •  Disorders of fluency

  • Augmentative and alternative communication skills

  •  Using and understanding gestures and facial expressions


Common disorders requiring speech/language therapy include: childhood apraxia of speech, phonological processing disorders, articulation delay, dysarthria, autism, cerebral palsy, cleft palate, failure-to-thrive, fetal alcohol syndrome, dysphonia, vocal nodules, spasmodic dysphonia, reduced speech intelligibilty, tongue thrust, speech sound disorders, hypernasal and resonance disorders, dysgraphia, dyslexia, non-verbal, augmentative and alternative communication, a.d.h.d., central auditory processing, aphasia, bilingual language, swallowing and feeding difficulties “dysphagia”, fluency/stuttering, and many more.

Infinity Therapy LLC. requires speech-language therapists to be certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.