Where progress never ends...

Here at Infinity Therapy, we believe in the fact that learning is infinite. We provide the highest level of individualized speech, language and social communication services to children in need including diagnostic and therapy services in the child's natural environment or in a clinical setting. This may be at a school/daycare setting or in the comfort of your own home. By providing therapy where your child is most comfortable, a family-centered collaborative approach is developed. With everyone actively working on the same goals, the results are greater and the treatment time is reduced.

A comprehensive speech-language therapy company, we offer a broad spectrum of communication related services to meet the needs of children and their families in the Central Arkansas area.

Our team of highly qualified Speech-Language Pathologists design individual treatment programs and carefully evaluate these programs on an ongoing basis in order to make changes as appropriate depending on the child's progress.



Infinity Therapy will have your child talking so fast you’d wish they’d be quite!
— Zach Barns

I am continually impressed by the constant progress within my daughter. She has improved dramatically within just a few short months.

It is encouraging to be able to sit down with our son and have simple tools that we can utilize on our own spare time to enhance his progress